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Medical & Rescue

Medical & Rescue

We can provide

Rescue vehicles, Whether it’s a 4×4 ambulance, Road ambulance or a rescue boat.


Stunt Rescue Medics


We work closely with a stunt team and Martin Shenton who is the stunt consultant & coordinator. Martin who is highly trained in stunts and works at a high level of health safety, he offers not only advice but is able to undertake RAMS and works closely with the production teams & directors so they are able to facilitate stunts on set in a safe Manor.

Martin who has worked as well as acted as their health and safety stunts coordinator on sets like, Jack Ryan, Mission impossible, jeepers Creepers, James bond and warhorse. He has over 10 years experience and not just doing stunts Martin is also part of HM coast Guard. For more information on stunts please go to our stunts page.

Boat Rescue Medics


Our team has many of years experience under the belts, are very experienced, professionally qualified and fully trained.


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Fire & Rescue Medics

Medical Rescue pic

We provide our clients with the very best available Paramedic led Rescue cover from staff who have a big background working with the NHS’s HART ( Hazardous Area Response Teams) are comprised of specially recruited personnel who are trained and equipped to provide the ambulance response to high-risk and complex emergency situation this includes confined spaces, working and heights and rope rescue, our team has looked after many blue chip companies. 

4x4 Rescue Medics

x search and rescue vehicles

We can provide onsite rescue vehicles, whether it’s a 4×4 ambulance, road ambulance or a rescue boat.

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