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Health & Safety Coordinator

We work closely

The stunt team & Martin Shenton

The stunt team Work under Martin Shenton who’s is highly trained in stunts and works at a high level of health safety, he offers not only advice but is able to undertake RAMS and works closely with the production teams & directors so they are able to facilitate stunts on set in a safe Manor.

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Health and saftey & Fire Risk Assessment Guidelines

The guides below tell you what you have to do to comply with the fire safety law, the guides help you carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions you need to have in place. Need expert advice? We can help! Contact us.

Health and Safety Guidance

These guides are to be used as guidance to assist you in managing safety and your legal duties.

We are always keeping upto date with any changes to the current health and safety guidelines.

We will also be able to offer..

Stunt Training School

Learn the skills to act in medical or fire sector.